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use an alternative modem

I have been waiting for 10 days now for my Telstra modem to be delivered to connect nbn at my new rented flat.

The telstra support team tell me it is still being processed (despite My Telstra saying it would be delivered on the 9th of September and I would be able to use nbn from the 10th). I am in urgent need of proper internet service as I am doing zoom calls using mobile phone hotspot. Does anyone know if I can buy another modem and install it immediately?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: use an alternative modem

There a couple of provisos on being able to use a 3rd party modem.

The service needs to have been provisioned - you should have received a message telling you that this has occurred. If not, you can ask Telstra to provision the service and tell them you have a modem (with the following provisos):

  • If you are on FTTC or HFC, you need to have an NBN Connection box (the real modem) as your modem plugs into it.
  • If you are on FTTP, that the NBN NTD has been installed and connected.
  • If you are on FTTN, that the copper line from the street is connected to the phone socket in the flat.
  • If you are on FTTB, if it is of the HFC variety, you need the NBN connection box. If it's of the FTTP variety, it just needs provisioning.
  • If you are on Fixed Wireless, it needs the antenna/modem installed.
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