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Using 2 modems on the same property

I have a shed 200m away from the house that has the infrastructure for ADSL. I have ADSL at the house also. I know you cannot have 2 modems on the one line going at once. My question is can i configure a different modem (same model) for the shed without unconfiguring the current one . Then i can switch the one of at the house and turn to one on in the shed when i need to and visa verse when i come back to the house

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Re: Using 2 modems on the same property

Yes you can configure two modem's with the same username and password and switch between the two. Probably best to unplug the modem not in use to avoide any performance issues due to the line have a half the normal impedance terminated on it.

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Re: Using 2 modems on the same property

Hi - if you wish to have a more permanent solution not using the telephone cable in place where both locations can be in use at the same time, it is possible to install an 802.11ac Wi-Fi Bridge between the home and the shed. At the shed, you can connect a single PC, a LAN Switch or an old Router used as a switch. Ubiquiti make a variety of outdoor Wi-Fi solutions that provide connectivity at various low entry price points over long ranges - one of their products is allegedly rated up to 20km.


This URL shows a configuration diagram of the Ubiquiti Nano Beam AC Gen 2 Wireless Bridge; 100-600 metres. YouTube clips have reviews and installation guides. If of interest, suggest you speak to a few retailers for feasibility discussion in your case. Important to cover installation costs - line of sight, lightning protection and outdoor CAT6 cabling costs. I don't have any experience with the product however Ubiquity appears to get good reviews. 


For any NBN Fixed Wireless readers, there are some interesting applications depicted on Ubiquiti units are used in regional areas by customers who wish to extend the NBN Fixed Wireless first point of entry on the property back to their home.





Ubiquiti Power Beam 2AC Point-to-Point Wireless Bridge or

Telstra Smart Modem

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