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Using someone else's modem

I have a broadband account with Telstra and use the Thomson TG782T modem. My in-laws live in a granny flat attached to the house and use my account connecting by wifi. They have a Foxtel account and recently upgraded this and a Telstra Gateway Max broadband modem was included.


They do not want nor need instal it - can I replace my Thomson TG782T with their Gateway Max without creating problems with my account?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Using someone else's modem

Using the modem will not cause any problems with your account.  I would be questioning why Foxtel has sent them a modem when they don't have an Internet Service.

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Re: Using someone else's modem

They probably got internet service with their upgrade (I have not seen the benefits of the upgrade) but they're not interested in connecting to it because they share mine and they only use it in a limited way via wifi.


Thanks for your reply, I'll go ahead and make use of their modem - then they'll ultimately benefit as well.

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