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Using TG797N V3 as a Router?

Hey Guys,


So I'm here at my family home for the week and they recently got NBN. As part of the changeover to NBN they got ANOTHER T-Gateway TG797N V3 even though there was already one for the ADSL2+. 


Is there anyway to repurpose the old ADSL Modem to become a Wi-Fi Repeater/Access Point?

We have tenants living downstairs and we share the internet with them but I was hoping to create a Satellite Wi-Fi Point in which to handle all their traffic in the event it may ever possibly overload the main modem.



If it's not possible, then no biggie I can buy other Routers to do the job. Repurposing is much nicer though Smiley Happy

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Re: Using TG797N V3 as a Router?

That's what i do, set it up as normal, then just connect the Ethernet point on the modem to a switch or other device.

You cannot use it as a repeater, if you want to do that i suggest you look into Ehternet Over Power or Homeplug devices

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