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V7610 - Firmware versions

Hello all,


I've just been called out to help someone for the first time, and have struck an issue with a V7610 modem/router. 


I guess my first question is... is the latest firmware version, and has it been pushed out very recently? There is a stability issue that came out of nowhere; these guys are a small hotel, and lost their internet connection somewhere after Outlook synced at 3.17 AM last night. 


Today, restarting the Telstra router would make it pingable for about 15 pings before it would stop responding again, until another power cycle.  

Disconnecting every device from the network (one switch with one desktop, and two Mikrotik routerboard devices that give hotel guests wifi access), would  have the router up and I could connect directly to the router via its wifi and it was stable.

Connecting the switch and desktop caused no issue.

Within about 10 seconds of connecting either of the Microtik devices, either in their normal location, through the switch, or directly into the V7610 router, the router would stop responding and require a power cycle to work again. It's very reproducible.  I have spoken to the guy who supplied the Mikrotik devices and he assures me they don't update themselves. I have also taken one of them offsite and connected it to my network with a non-Telstra, non-Netgear router, and am composing this message while connected to it. 


Any thoughts would be appreciated. Constructive ones anyway.



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Re: V7610 - Firmware versions

My first step on any troubleshooting these days is to factory reset the modem. Clears out any "rogue" data far better than a simple restart does.
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Re: V7610 - Firmware versions

Thanks for the reply.
The guest wifi guy is going to be there before I get a chance to get back, and is taking a spare wifi device. It also now seems as though there's also another V7610 there that's never been out of the box. If a replacement wifi device causes the same problem, he's going to try the other router. There's possibly more to this if there's a spare router there that I didn't know about earlier.
I'll keep you posted.
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Re: V7610 - Firmware versions

So, we plugged in the until now in shrink wrap, fresh out of the never-before-opened box replacement router, that has firmware version It's also rock solid until seconds after either of the guest wifi devices are connected. Why it was working until last night and not any more on this network has us all baffled now, when the Mikrotik devices are fine elsewhere.
The wifi guy went to Officeworks and a $39 D-Link router is being configured.

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