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very slow internet speed

I am currently running NBN as I was forced into it from the cable. Telstra cut my wifi for my modem and when I called they told me the government was forcing NBN. before I had NBN my internet speed reached 100-150mbs. now my internet speed barely reaches 0.5 download I'm extremely upset at this. my friend who has tpg gets 0.5 MBS when his data package exceeds the 500gb limit. I did a speed test at 12 am. outside of slow hours. this is frustrating as I have 7 or 8 people constantly using the net in my household. when I called up no one wanted to resolve my issue and all I got was "you should be getting 15" 15mbs. that is an 85% decrease as well as not my actual speed. this goes against all consumer rights and I honestly would rather not have internet I have to use my phones 4g most of the time even though my pc has a wired up connection to my modem. I am very experienced with troubleshooting and I only test my wifi speeds when no one is using the net. I don't want anyone telling me how to fix it. I want a change in speed. 15mbs is not what I want if I was paying the same prices for 100mbs. I am better off paying for unlimited phone data and hotspotting my connection through that.

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