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VoLTE Service Status SOS only

I finally got connected to the NBN after they cut my phone 1 September.


Got onto a Telstra basic Internet Plan and they gave me a Telstra Smart modem Gen 2.


Telstra also organized a meeting for me with NBN techs later this month but in the meantime I'll be connecting to the NBN in backup mode.


OK Neat.


At home using the new modem I got the internet working but the phone doesn't work.


I poked around a bit and found that the phone led back of modem is amber and

"VoLTE Service Status Your phone service is available for emergency calls only"


How do I get the VoLTE Service working?


Before I hit the modem reset button is there anything I'm missing?



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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: VoLTE Service Status SOS only

You could try a factory reset but I think you will have the same problem. The VOIP configuration settings have to be downloaded to the modem and I think this will only occur once modem is connected to your NBN service. Once the modem is configured the phone should then work when on 4 G backup.

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