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VPN on V7610



I hope you had a great weekend.


I'm a PC tech and I look after a small business in Qld - until recently they had a Draytek 2830 ( on their ADSL connection providing internet and VPN.


Last week, Telstra installed their NBN connection with a Telstra (Netgear) V7610 - all the basics work as the V7610 ( is connected to the WAN port on the Draytek ( with the 7610 using the Draytek as it's DMZ.


However, I cannot get the VPN working - either using the Draytek (which was my preferred option) or using the actual VPN server built into the V7610.


The VPN instructions for the 7610 that everyone points to are from 2015 and despite following them carefully it just won't connect - and what a pain it is to do the certificate export & import process!  The Draytek was so much better but...


Has anyone had any luck getting the VPN to work reliably on the 7610?  If so, what was your secret?


Many thanks in advance



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Re: VPN on V7610

There was a similar post to this about a week ago. The managed to get VPN working by deleting all the VPN settings in the V7610 putting there router in DMZ of V7610 and setting up the VPN in the other router.



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Re: VPN on V7610

Thx for that - I'll check it out.

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