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VPN with Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 mobile mode

It seems the modem in backup mode blocks PPTP and L2TP so I can’t do my work. is there a work around or firmware update to correct this. My ADLS link is down for a few week as the cable been cut and there is no phone in the whole street. I work from home and use a VPN. So having it blocked is a big problem. the only reason I selected telstra i so I would have use of 4G back up mode on the mobile. Is there any workaround. can I take the sim card out of the modem and put in in something else for a few weeks. Is there anything i can do. I expect that i will be leaving telstra as a result of this, the backup mode is a lie if i cant use it. i just found this link. so i not the first to have this problem. https://toggen.com.au/blog/it-tips/telstra-smart-modem-gen-2-mobile-mode-pptp-and-l2tp-vpns-dont-wor...

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Re: VPN with Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 mobile mode

Does your VPN work when you connect your computer to your mobile hot spot? As the 4g backup is essentially the same as the 4g mobile network with the speeds capped at 6/1.
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Re: VPN with Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 mobile mode

Try setting the 4G backup to use both an IPv4 and a IPv6 address. By default it only uses IPv6.


In the Technicolor version (DJA0231) go to Advanced > Mobile

On the Profiles Tab and a new profile same as default profile except for the name and us IPv4v6 as PDP type.

On the Configurations Tab edit the Interface and select new profile and save settings.

You might have to restart modem for new profile to take effect.


In the Arcadyan version (LH1000) Go to Advanced > Internet > LTE Tab.

Change PDP type to IPv4v6

Save settings.


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