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WAN/DLS Cable Blinking

Hey fellow internet users, this morning, my family has replaced the DLS cord to a phone cable. I later realized the front light was blue. indicating the modem is running in backup mode. So after the realization. I turned off the modem and replaced the cable. after several hours of searching, I have come to no answer. 

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Re: WAN/DLS Cable Blinking

So, you put the original cable back? Or a different one?


What connectors are on the cables?


Have you had a close lock at the socket, especially the one on the wall - if the wrong plug is pushed in, the connector might have pushed the connectors down so they no longer make contact properly. I have seen that happen where a 4way plug was pushed into a 6 way socket (and also 6 way plug into an 8 way socket).


Some photos of the cable plugs and the sockets might help.



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