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What is Facebook's MAC address?



I'm trying to set up a parental block on Facebook however I don't know Facebook's MAC address which is required under the "Host" field. Would anyone happen to know?


Thank you

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Re: What is Facebook's MAC address?

A MAC address is the identification for a specific device rather than for a website, which may be located over multiple devices.

Normally the Host or Hostname fields in say time of day controls are for the device you wish to limit rather then what you want to limit.
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Re: What is Facebook's MAC address?

As @DrQ said, a MAC address is a unique identifier for a Wi-Fi enabled device.


If you want to block access to Facebook, I recommend using a service like OpenDNS, or installing software on the computer to block access to the website.

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Re: What is Facebook's MAC address?

Hello, ParentsRights1,


I see you have already been given some great advice by both @DrQ and @davblayn, but you may also like to consider the following method for blocking access to Facebook.


Enable Content Advisor


1. Click on Start and select Control panel.

2. Click Network and Security and then select Internet Options.


3. Click the Content tab, then click the Enable button in the Content Advisor section which will open the Content Advisor window.

4. Click the General tab, then click Create Password.

5. Enter a password and a password hint in the corresponding fields and click OK to save the password. Close the Content Advisor window and return to the Internet Options window.

6. Click Settings in the Content Advisor section on the Internet Options window.

7. Enter your password when prompted and click OK.

8. Click on the Approved sites tab, then type Facebook's web address (www.facebook.com) in the Allow this website field.

9. Click the Never button, then click Apply and OK to save the settings.


You're all done! Smiley Wink


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Re: What is Facebook's MAC address?

Thank you for your reply, OpenDNS is something I am not familiar with (unfortunately I am not technically savvy).


What I would like to do is block it on my Gateway so that any devices connected to my modem will not be able to access Facebook. Is that possible? 

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Re: What is Facebook's MAC address?

Blocking Facebook on the gateway depends on the model. If you supply the model, someone will be able to point you in the right direction.

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