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Whats with the marketing humiliation

If I was fortunate enough to get a 5g home internet plan i would get a terabyte of data per month post paid why i cannot match that on post paid 4g? on 4g i get crappy overpriced caps and half the reduced line speed than if i ran out of a whole terabye. Also I have a Telstra huawei 4GX modem its never had any updates offered loosing a customer here i used my 30gb month cap in just a week and now its like surfing with dialup for the rest of the month. theres no fair incentive.

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Re: Whats with the marketing humiliation

5G offerings are incentivised (cost/quota) to attract new customers and push the new technology..  :-)  it can be hard for an existing user to get any similar incentives...


I use 4G most of the time, I set up my plans so they shared data so that gets me more than enough for my needs right now, at not much extra cost and I can change any of the plans once a month if needed. But, they are old plans I have had for a while..  the new upfront options might not be as flexible.

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Re: Whats with the marketing humiliation

On post paid mobile broadband you can get up to 400GB per month for $85 ($75 discounted rate for first 12 months). So same price as the 5G Home Internet service, but yes it is limited to 1.5Mbps if you exceed the allowance rather than the 25Mbps on 5G Home Internet.


The 5G Home Broadband gets better allowances as it is limited to home use (if you try to use it away from home it acts as if it is a mobile broadband service that has exceeded its allowance), and has limited availability so as not to swamp the 5G network during the rollout phase.

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