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Why does my Telstra modem have a clue light on the front?

I can’t connect to my wifi. I’ve restarted the modem and turned off the nbn, but the light is still blue. I can’t watch Netflix or even looking social media on my phone, I have to use my data. Can someone help please only had the wifi for two weeks


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Re: Why does my Telstra modem have a clue light on the front?

The blue indicator is to show you that your your modem has switched to 4G Backup mode. Which means there is an issue with your usual internet service. Check Telstra Outages  to see if there is a known outage in your location.


You modem should still work, including Wi-Fi (there is a big indicator for that on the back of the modem, which should be green.


I am guessing that by 'Wi-Fi' you actually mean your modem is not working? Can you advise the make/model (label on the bottom). You can also log into the modem from a browser using the address


Once at the main page, you can look into the modem using username:  admin  and password: Telstra

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