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WiFi Booster for V7610 Business Smart Modem

I have a Telstra Business Smart Modem V7610 and I'm looking for a compatible Wifi Booster.

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Re: WiFi Booster for V7610 Business Smart Modem

Hi - according to a current Telstra offer, if you order a Telstra Smart Booster Gen 2 and your current modem is not compatible, you qualify for a $0 modem upgrade and Telstra will send you a Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 to replace your modem. The Boosters are compatible with Telstra Gen 1.1 and Gen 2 modems only, so I assume you qualify - suggest you confirm with Telstra first. 


One forum post did this and received the Booster but is still waiting for the Gen 2 modem to arrive, so not sure if Telstra has current stock issues or lack of good internal communication synchronisation for logistical processes.


@David701 - maybe keep try phoning Telstra during Off Peak times - the Booster works with the Technicolor DJA0230 (Gen 1.1)  and the DJA0231 (Gen 2) modems only, so if your Technicolor is an earlier version, you qualify. I assume your current modem is known to Telstra per your account records and it may have had to be reconfirmed when you ordered the Booster. 

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