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wifi connection issue

Hi everyone,


We seem to be having an issue with our new Telstra cable modem and Hub. I have set up our WiFi and I'm not having any issues with my iPhone 6+ or iPad air 2 but my wifes iPhone 6 keeps dropping off and I can't get it to recontect (keeps telling me password is wrong when i know its not), I also cant get the HP lap top to find the network. Anyone got any ideas?

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Re: wifi connection issue

The HP laptop Wi-Fi adapter might only support the 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi band and this might be turned off in Gateways GUI. To fix this log into gateway using Web browser click on Wi-Fi and make sure the 2.4 G band is turned on.


Default IP address or http://192.168.1 or
Default user name and password
admin/admin or
admin/password or
admin/blank (no password)


You could try setting up fixed IP address on the iPhone 6

Tap on the i symbol to the right of the SSID on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+

Tap on the DHCP tab on iPhone 6+

Tap on the static tab. on iPhone 6

Use same Ip address on iPhone 6 as on iPhone 6+ but change 4th set of digits to a high value (egx.x.x. 51) that is unlikely to be used.

Use same router, subnet mask and DNS

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Re: wifi connection issue

Thanks Mate, we'll give this a go!

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