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Windows 10 PC no longer connects to wifi

Hi All,


In the last weeks my friends in Lennox Head NSW have lost their wifi connection through their PC (Windows 10), Telstra TV and printer. 


They can still connect to wifi through Apple devices.


Can anyone explain a) why this is happening, and b) how they can fix the problem - especially reconnecting their PC to wifi again, please?  Thanks for any help.



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Re: Windows 10 PC no longer connects to wifi

Would they, by any chance, have a Smart Modem 2? And would they know if the modem received a firmware update around the time the Wi-Fi stopped working?


For SM2's, a recent firmware update automatically enabled Protected Mode Frames (PMF) on both Wi-Fi channels. Some devices don't like the PMF setting and have trouble connecting and staying connected to Wi-Fi..


The solution in this situation is to quite simple and require that you log in to the modems User Interface - type (default address) into the address bar of your browser and Enter. When the User Interface page comes up, use admin and Telstra (defaults again) as the user name and password  (this is on the bottom of the modems as well).


Once you are logged in go to the Advance Menu, then the Wi-Fi page and you will see the PMF switches. If they are on, turn them off.  While you are there, you might want to disable Band Steeing as well - which seperates the Wi-Fi into two seperate bands. the 24 GHZ band SSID (name) stays the same and the 5G band has the same name but with 5G added at the end. Yhe effect of this is that you can ow connect devices to one or other of the bands, instead it switching between them as it feels fit. That can stop some minor glitching as the WiFi switches..   make sure you save the settings once changed and then log out. The changes should take effect immediately but in some cases a power cycle of the modem is required. Everything should connect as they did previously.

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