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2nd phone line costs...

I am trying to ascertain the costs to have a 2nd phone line installed. I currently have an active phone service with Telstra and the cable that comes into my premises is 2 pair (like most others I assume). So, there is no 2nd phone socket, just the one so would it mean that my existing cable the 2nd pair would be used for the 2nd line???

The CSR (online chat) seemed to indicate to me that I would need a new cable run to my house because they couldn't see a 2nd line on my property, well, mmmm this is true because there has only ever been one service activated here.


Can a rep please enlighten me on the costs so I have an idea of what I'd be paying.



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Re: 2nd phone line costs...

It'll start at $300 I'd be guessing.


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Re: 2nd phone line costs...

If the line isn't already connected to a socket then you'd be looking at a new line connection fee (regardless of the number of pairs running to your house).


The normal fee for this is $299, plus and additional $100 if you disconnect the line (or change it to a NakedDSL service/another ULL provider) within the first 3 months of connection.


This can be confirmed by looking under the heading of Connection & moving fees located here - about 2/3 of the way down the page.

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