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Canceling home broad band contract before they have connected service

I've been waiting for telstra to connect an adsl line to my house for 2 months. Yesterday I got tired of waiting and getting large bills for data services on my mobile (also a telstra service) so I have ordered a connection from another company. Modem has already been sent and I should be connected tomorrow, so now I'd like to know how to go about canceling the contract with telstra? Do I have to pay a cancelation fee for a service that hasn't even been connected yet?

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Re: Canceling home broad band contract before they have connected service

You would need to call the support team, as long as the services are not activated it shouldn't have any charges, however if any of the service have been activated it may change that.

It is hard to say for anyone here since this is a public forum.

Likely the easiest way is to call 132200 and say "disconnect" between 9am and 9pm (AEDT) and they should be able to look into it all and help you out.
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