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Cannot get phone or internet connection for new house

I have just moved into a new townhouse and am trying to phone and internet connected tbrough the moving team. What a saga....
Anyway, got a call from Telstra this week saying that as NBN rollout is due by the end of this year, I can't get a phone or cable internet line connected until after this work is completed. No worries as Telstra have given me a new smart modem to connect to the internet using their wifi network and I can live without a landline for now.
Then received a call from Telstra telling me that I have to contact NBN to register my address otherwise they will not be able to connect a landline after the rollout???
I spoke to NBN and they didnt have a clue what Telstra was on about.
NBN have said they will get back to me next week.
Why is this so difficult?

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Cannot get phone or internet connection for new house

Hi soak01,


I can appreciate your frustration. Please contact us on 1800 834 273 and our team will look into this further.

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