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Change of ownership application

I have been trying for a month to have a change of ownership application processed. After numerous phone calls and promises that it would be completed within the next 24-48 hours it still has not been completed and they are not able to tell me the status. Has anyone had similar issues and successful resolution?

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Re: Change of ownership application

Hi charlesl,


Our billing staff do have an escalation process to follow up on a change of ownership, however they will be unable to see the status of the transfer or advise where your transfer is in the queue.


Typically, transfers can take a few days (depending on workload) and if it still has not been done please send me a private message and I will follow up for you.

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Re: Change of ownership application

I have had the same experience of filling out the telstra forms, scanning them and emailing them back to the email address then to be told that they could not process my request further as I haven't filled out the webform.  I would fill out the webform but they have not told me where I can find it and have not answered my email asking such.


Have you been able to get any further?


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Re: Change of ownership application

Hi Charles:


Not sure if this help BUT here it is:


There are lots of issues to consider when changing ownership, particularly when its Residentail to Business or Business to Residential.


The first part is to know that Telstra 'Agents' don't have aceess to the total customer database. In other words, if you are dealing with a Telstra Business Centre or Telstra Shop that is simply an Agent, well they don't have access to the system in its entirety.


You need to be dealing with an actual Telstra representative.  That may be more difficult than thought.


the next thing is using the right Form. That to can be a challenge as they have lots of different Forms to make a change like this but you have to get the right one. Be careful, most of the staff don't even know which is the right Form.


The best suggestion I have is to make sure you are dealing directly with Telstra, NOT an agent (who pretend to be Telstra).


The email address is


If the responder does not have at the end of the email address, then they are NOT Telstra.


Just for the record, it has taken me more than 3 months to get my change done, and it's still not entirely resolved.


Good Luck.


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