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Churn / Port - from Telstra Landline to NBN (TPG)

Dear Telstra
Just before Easter 2020 I was moved from ADSL2+ to NBN (TPG)
My landline which I have had for 20+ years was with Telstra
My ADSL2+ service was with TPG
Both the landline and the ADSL2+ service were on the same copper pair from the local exchange.

I would like to keep my old Telstra landline number, and have it ported / churned to NBN (TPG) as a digital service.

However, every time TPG sends Telstra a request to disconnect and churn to NBN (TPG) they get a refusal from Telstra.

Telstra are requesting a letter of authority from Telstra (yes you read that right!) that NBN (TPG) can churn the landline!

The churn has been refused twice now, AND, i am still paying of a landline service which I cant use.  

I believe it goes like this
1) I approach Telstra for a letter of authority that says that they will let go of the land line, that is, they approve of the churn
2) I then give this letter to NBN (TPG)
3) NBN (TPG) then, through their internal procedures, send the letter (refer item 1) back to Telstra
4) NBN (TPG) then remove their temporary digital number on the NBN service and replace it with my old landline number.

If this were a mobile phone number, it would have been churned long ago without a problem, but because its a landline service, it somehow needs more paper work involvement.

Can someone in Telstra help me please?

Thank you for your time and understanding

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Re: Churn / Port - from Telstra Landline to NBN (TPG)


I dont understand why I have to organise the churn
Surely the carriers are able to do their own checks and balances with each other?

For example, NBN (TPG) rquest from me, a copy of my latest Telstra bill.
NBN (TPG) can then verify the billing address with their records.

Simple - i would have thought!

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Re: Churn / Port - from Telstra Landline to NBN (TPG)

@AlanInPagewood bear in mind, if you port to TPG you can not port it back to any other provider as they do not use physical exchanges, a letter of authority isn't necessary, just provide TPG your FNN (fixed national number) and your account number (port authority) with these pieces of information, Telstra will release the landline, just be sure you want to do this as there is no way to get the landline back to any other provider.

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Re: Churn / Port - from Telstra Landline to NBN (TPG)

As they have gone on to an NBN service from split (ADSL/Phone setup), they are most likely just trying to merge their services (which is required on the NBN). A "digital service" on TPG is just the standard VOIP service as provided on all NBN services. They will be able to port it later if they wish to.


There is a separate VOIP type service that TPG provides, but this was primarily for business purposes (or for ADSL services where people wanted a portable solution, separate line or a number that was not within their immediate geographical region - ie someone in a regional area who wanted a Capital City number). These numbers could not be ported.

Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.
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Re: Churn / Port - from Telstra Landline to NBN (TPG)

Thank you for your response 'jhwiz'
I am beginning to think that this is all too hard.
Maybe I should cut my losses, leave TPG NBN (after just 3mths) and sign up with Telstra NBN?

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Re: Churn / Port - from Telstra Landline to NBN (TPG)

Thank you for reply too 'Jupiter'
You are indeed correct.
I had a 'split service' - landline with Telstra, internet ADSL2+ with TPG.
I am going to try one more time with getting TPG to port my landline.
I will send them a copy of my account, and a letter (or should that be a Stat-Dec?) from me authorising TPG to act on my behalf and approach Telstra for the landline churn.
If Telstra push back or deny the churn, my options will be..

1) churn my NBN from TPG to Telstra in the hope that my Telstra landline can be ported to the VoIP service on the Telstra NBN
2) learn to live with my TPG VoIP number and try to inform the multitudes of family and friends that my old landline number doesnt exist anymore, and use the new TPG VoIP number instead.
3) get the Ombudsman involved

a) as to why Telstra wont or cant port the number to TPG
b) if its a porting technical issue, say to the FNN, then TPG should say the porting cant be done, and let me break the contract and let me take up a new contract with Telstra as no cost to me

Surely this would would have happened many times in the past, and there should be well known 'internal' procedures in place to cater for the old split services migrating to NBN.

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