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Connection of Phone Line and Internet to rented home

Hoping someone has done this/experience with this and can help.


I moved into a rental property some time ago - it didnt have a home phone and therefore only Internet connection option was mobile broadband - this has been fine for a while but now i need to be able to work from home and Mobile Broadband just wont cut it.


Beacuse of the nature of our property (its a massive house thats been split into two, landlord lives in one half we live in another) I have paid for an electrician to come in and install a telephone line jack into our part of the property and has run cabling to the "pit" outisde. He has then informed me that he doesnt know where to go from there, as the pit looks like "spaghetti".


Is the next thing to do to arrange for Telstra to connect the phone line and allocate me a number? Will I have to do anything else (aside from organising an Internet connection)


How much will this cost? $300.00?


Hoping someone can help me - i went into a Telstra shop a few weeks ago (as i had done so before for a home phone issue) and they told me Telstra shops cant assist with Landline connection?

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Re: Connection of Phone Line and Internet to rented home

It's a bit of  a worry that the electrician got the cable to the pit and then said he didn't know what to do from that point.  It's quite simple, he does nothing and he should know that (is he even licenced?).


Give 13 22 00 a call and say "New Connections" and they will set it up for you.  The cost for Connecting a new line is $299 (plus whatever your plan costs are).

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Re: Connection of Phone Line and Internet to rented home

the home phone line dosent work but the internet does also have bought a new phone but still dosent work just wondering if someone could come out and have a look at the home phone line please.

Support Team
Support Team

Re: Connection of Phone Line and Internet to rented home

Hi Patsy84.

Im sorry to hear that you are having issues with your homephone service.

Please contact the Homeline faults team n 132203 or report you phoneline issue here

They will be able to arrange to have this investigated and if needed, a technician sent, 

Regards - 


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