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Delays getting as new Phone Line and associated infrastructure - 8 weeks and no progress or updates



Just wondering if there is any escalation point within Telstra to get some more information regarding getting a phone line installed as using my Customer Case Manager (who is unreachable as his mailbox is always full) to calling ISGM and requesting updates which i get told to wait and a contractor will call you


Basically i am into my 8th week of waiting for new phone line install and i am no closer to what i was when i first ordered the line


The scenario is as follows, i moved into a new townhouse which replaced an existing house which previously had overhead power\ phone line, due to old overhead phone line crossing a neighbour boundary overhead is no longer suitable and undergreound infrastructure is needed via new pit in front of house and as there is no existing phone line in my side of the street will must like need a road crossing


I had previously booked in to get ADSL installed via Belong and that was rejected dur to no phone service being available, so i then went down the path of ordering a phone line connection on 17 September, this is where my story starts


So after calling up and ordering new a service over the phone, i called a few days later and found order had not been completed fully so order was fully processed on the 22nd September, this was created with orer reference no     1-926450234857                                 


Since then i have nothing but delays and frustation this is a very condensed version but i had a contractor come out who advised that a road crossing was need as no infrastructure is available on my side of the street street, he did say there is old pit further down street but it has no active infrastructre in it and is asbestos in it also that happened on 18th October


Since then i have had no updates other than me calling Lead and Provision team and quoting a Ticket No: 1509683 i get told various things such as work is complete and i have an active phone line, to a road crossing is too expensive and they will try use the Pit that is on corner of my street - despite me advising that there is no active Telstra infrasturctre in that pit, there seems to be only electrical cable (i have looked at areas around my street and it all appears to be overhead power \ phone line) i have also been told a contractor will call me


I have also called my Customer Escaltion manager and i am unable to ever reach hime due to a fuill mailbox


Hoping someone here can help me at aleast find out what the status is and if i can get some clarity on what is going on with my order, i cant believe it so diffilcult to get a phone line installed in my home, i do also have medical conditions so would have thought that a phone line would have been a baisc necessity







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Re: Delays getting as new Phone Line and associated infrastructure - 8 weeks and no progress or u...

Hi Anthony,


Sorry to hear it has been a frustrating experience trying to get this service connected. Unfortunately I'm not able to access your account over social media to look into specifics however based on the information provided it sounds like your order is held due to works required. What telephone number have you been provided to call for updates and were you provided with a 4 digit pin number?



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Re: Delays getting as new Phone Line and associated infrastructure - 8 weeks and no progress or u...



The numbers i have been asked to call is 1800 812 192 and Pin 7542, as mentioned i have never had any calls from my Service Case Manager with any updates, the Service Case Manger is unreachable mostly due to his mail box being full


I have also called Telstra Provisioning  team directly on 1800 895 319 with Ticket No: 1509683 and again have been given very vague information as mentioned in my original post







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