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Getting 0.01-0.3 mbps download speed on NBN FTTP telstra smart modem Gen 2

Ive received my telstra smart modem gen 2 with my new nbn bundle, ive just moved into this house and telstra had told me telstra velocity was the only bundle i could get. Almost 2 weeks have passed and my internet is running at 0.01-0.3mbps download speed with the blue mobile backup light on, i also have no DSL/WAN light on the back, ive tried connecting both DSL and WAN with no changes in speeds. Ive called telstra velocity many times and a tech was meant to come out and check the house, they didnt show up. Im getting quite frustrated because the whole time ive had the internet it hasnt worked correctly and now theyve billed me for internet thats not working as it was promised

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Re: Getting 0.01-0.3 mbps download speed on NBN FTTP telstra smart modem Gen 2

If front light on modem is blue then modem is working on 4 G backup. On 4 G backup the speed is limited to 6 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up but if 4 G backup is used for a prolonged period of time speed gets throttled to 0.256 Mbps. The throttling can be removed by ringing support and requesting they submit a web form to have throttling removed.


If the internet connection is Velocity the WAN port on the modem should be connected to the Telstra box. There are instructions at link below.


Suggest you lodge a complaint by either ringing 132200 and when asked for reason of call say complaint or use online form. See  link below.


Request a a credit for the time you have been without internet.


Support Team
Support Team

Re: Getting 0.01-0.3 mbps download speed on NBN FTTP telstra smart modem Gen 2

Hey Tristen01,

Thank you for your post, I apologise for the troubles with your service and that this appointment was not met. Have you been contacted to rebook this as yet?

 - Ryan

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