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Getting a landline connected properly!

I recently requested for a new landline to be activated at my new property. After 3 failed attempts from the unhelpful Telstra team and 4 hours over the phone, i fianlly got that connected on Monday. However due to renovation work i will still be living at my current property, so i specifically asked the sales team who processed my connection order to NOT disconnect my current line and he assured me it is noted and they will keep it untouched. Then yesterday my current phone got cut, leaving me no phone nor internet service. Ringing up Telstra I was told the team that cut my line has 'done their job' and will not be looking after my case anymore, so now i am back to raising a new request to activate the line they have wrongly cut! Supposed to be up by 12pm today but so far no dial tone. Who in Telstra can help sort itself out? So far this saga has continued for 3 weeks already. Is Telstra on its way to set the benchmark for disgraceful service?

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Re: Getting a landline connected properly!

That is no good to hear, sorry for the inconvenience. Were you able to get this resolved or did you still need a hand?

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