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Getting NBN enabled

I currently live in one townhouse in a set of three. The townhouses are just 3 years old but were finished just prior to the NBN rollout. I currently am connected to ADSL. 


Our entire block and surrounding area has been listed as NBN ready for nearly a year. Our issue though is that the NBN has our street address (i.e.23) listed as NBN ready but the individual townhouse (i.e. 1/23) listed as requiring more work. I have contacted an NBN provider (i.e. Aussie Broadband) but they have told me they can do nothing as the property is listed as requiring more work. 


I have had an independent electrician visit the property and make an assessment and they have assured me that all the infrastructure is in place. Following this I contacted the NBN directly who told me that during the construction phase Telstra had not completed the AFR paperwork to change the listing from 23 to the individual townhouses (i.e 1/23, 2/23,3/23). I have contacted Telstra via the National Land Development,  Telstra Operations department as listed on the AFR paperwork who claim that they have done everything they needed but that it's in the hands of the NBN. Upon recontacting the NBN they doubled down on their claims that the fault lay with Telstra. Due to the Covid-19 crisis Telstra have closed their call centres and I'm unable to talk to anyone. 


To top all this off I received an NBN letter this week (addressed to 23, not 1/23) telling me to connect to NBN as all other services such as ADSL will be disconnected shortly. Like many I am currently working and schooling my children from home and cannot afford to be without internet however I seem to stuck in this bureaucratic merry go round.

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