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Getting pre-provisioning cable laid while trenches open

Okay - I used to work in the Telstra call centre 20 years ago, and we used to be able to make this sort of stuff happen because we knew it would make the life of our field guys so much easier down the track ... ever since Telstra moved their call centres overseas, every single phone call has ended in me getting off the phone and swearing (I am not a swear-er) due to the inability to help with anything outside the narrow parameters.  When are they bringing a call centre back to Australia!!!!?


We are building a house on 10 acres.  Trenches have been opened from the front boundary to the house site - arouond 200m - for electricity.  The house is up to piering stage, so won't be finished for another 4-6 months.


I would like a Telstra contractor to come out and lay the phone cable in that trench while they are open.  I do not want to phone connected at this point.


I rang pre-provisioning, who adivsed I had to put in an order via 132200 first.  Fine.  Rang 132200 to arrange.  They cannot organise a connection unless the house is within 1 month of being completed - which it's not.  


I explained that the trenches are open - and all I want is a contract (happy to pay for it) to come out and throw some cable in, so they don't have to re-dig 200m in 6 months time.


Can't do - not within guidelines.


I asked if they had a list of contractors I could contact to arrange this - no list (we used to have lists in the good old days).


I asked if there was someone in Australia I could speak to - nope!


I have googled to try and find a local contractor, but nothing comes up.


To top it all off - I am patient and tolerent but I can only understand one in three words due to the thick Indian/Indonesian accents - and when asked to repeat, they just say it louder and faster.


It's not a hard ask - can I please have someone tell me where to find a contractor to put in 200m of cable while the trenches are open!

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Re: Getting pre-provisioning cable laid while trenches open



I got the impression the other day that you could get any DATA or Electrician person to lay that kind of cable... it was only when you needed the 2 ends hooked up that you needed the Telstra NBN contractor to finishe the points off.

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Re: Getting pre-provisioning cable laid while trenches open

That's the problem.  Trying to find a Telstra approved contractor. - something we used to be able to organise when the call centers were onshore and we could talk to the blokes in the field 

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Re: Getting pre-provisioning cable laid while trenches open

Call a local electrician (if they can't do it themselves, they should be able to point you in the direction of someone who can) or call your local council. They usually know who is the local contractor.


But generally speaking, as long as the conduit is of the correct diameter and you put in access pits (I would recommend every 50m max - 150mm dia PVC Pipe) and you run a good quality lead-in cable (non rotting polypropylene rope), then I would expect any telecommunications contractor (or electrician for that matter) could run it.


But yes, the call center should be able to provide you with the number of a contractor in your area.

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