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House and Granny Flat


I have been given conflicting information from different providers, builders, electricians and even Telstra. I see a lot of comments online but would appreciate a direct response to my situation.

I have a phone and internet bundle (nbn) with a selected service provider for the main house I own and occupy. I am constructing a granny flat, I’d like to allow for phone/internet to be connected by the tenants if desired. I’m looking to have it all ready for them so they’ll only need to choose their preferred supplier to open an account (and receive their own bill).

Currently the granny flat has a phone socket internally, though it’s not connected - the line is sitting outside the brick work waiting for a connection. There is a conduit that would allow for a line to be run from the main house to the granny flat, so no trenches need to be dug.

Whilst the property isn’t subdivided, the water, electricity and gas are all split and billed seperately - my house is number 25, the granny flat is 25A. How do I go about having the phone/internet set up the same way? Do I need a new physical line/connection from the Telstra pit on the street to the granny flat (via the main house conduit) or can I leverage my current set up, whilst ensuring separate bills? Who do I go through to organise this, either way, and are there any tips on communicating the specifics i.e. existing conduit etc?

Many thanks

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: House and Granny Flat

Please refer to https://www.nbnco.com.au/connect-home/preparing-for-the-nbn/outbuildings-and-granny-flats.html and contact NBN Co if you have any further queries regarding this process.

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