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How long does it usually take to switch an existing number from postpaid to prepaid?

I have 2 mobile numbers on my account. On the night of 19/2, I chatted with someone to switch both numbers from postpaid to prepaid. The next morning, the services were not working. The day after, I got in touch with Telstra, they told me the whole system was down, was going to take 2 weeks. Gave me to 2x temporary prepay sim with credit. I call back Monday. One of the numbers goes successfully to prepaid. The other number in in error provisioning. Since then I've in contact everyday, and each time, the response has been different. Error provisioning, technical issue, the postpaid account hasn't be cancelled, that the backend is working on it. Each time, I was told, they would be escalating it. Wed night, I chat with someone, they tell me the order has not gone through, he will put through it. Fri, the order has not gone through, they will put through it. Sat, the order has gone through too many times causing a complication, they will have to cancel it and put it through again. It will take 3 days to cancel, 3 days to activate. The customer service has been a nightmare. I've been with Telstra for 9 years and I'm seriously considering switching to another company. Does it take this long and is it alway this complicated to make such a switch?

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