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Landline Connection - open issue since July 2013

My new landline requires a connection into an asbestos pit and has required this since July.


Telstra's records apparently show the line as connected but according to the three technicians who have been onsite (the first in July, the second two in November) it definitely has not. Since November I have made numerous phone calls (using my mobile and therefore spending hundreds of dollars) attempting to get the issue resolved and I have been advised I will have my calls/emails returned and no-one has called me back to give me any information about the problem. I am continually put through to different departments who all tell me it is not their problem, connections put me through to faults, faults put me though to asbestos, asbestos put me through to held orders, held orders put me through to faults, faults put me through to connections etc etc.


In the meantime I received a bill for $300 for a connection that hasn't happened.


I have recently been diagnosed with epilepsy and have been advised it is a good idea to have a landline available for emergency calls while obviously it is not enough for your "priority assistance", I would think given this has been a problem since July some sort of expediting would not be unreasonable.


Who can I call at Telstra who can actually get something done or at the very least understand the issue?


Note that I was on hold with Telstra and chose the call back option as the wait time was 10 minutes, it has now been nearly 40 minutes and yet again, no call back. Not impressed.

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Landline Connection - open issue since July 2013

Heya EliseGreen,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us here in CrowdSupport.

I understand your situation is quite dire in that you do have a medical condition with may rely on the presence of an active phone line and apologise for the rigmarole you have endured in trying to resolve the connection of your home phone line.

I am keen to assist further, if you could please send me a private message, I'll provide you with a way in which you can provide your details securely and we'll go from there.

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