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Lead in connection - trenching outside of my property

Dear Telstra,


I have recently moved into a new house in Essendon West and at the same time, I have signed up for a new bundled services pack which includes cable broadband and phone line services.


For the past month, I’ve had 2 Telstra technicians who came out who were supposed to install and set up for phone line to be connected, however I just get handballed to the pre-provisioning services team on 1800 895 319 and they are just nothing but a frustration to deal with as they have advised that a contractor would be in touch. After several phone calls and reassurances that a contractor would be in touch, until today no contractor has contacted us. What's worse is that we get a different story/excuse everytime, at one point we were told that the contractors don't even handle trenching. This call centre has been nothing but a frustration and time wasting for me. Should I just wait for the external work to be done before (attempting) to contact Telstra again about the work that Telstra is responsible for?


Despite my frustrations, I have now found a Telstra contractor out of my own efforts. Could someone please provide me with an order number or axis number so that a provision order can be created???


The trenching and cabling within my property is all completed and the phone cables are currently dangling outside of my fence at the front of my house (I believe this to be the network boundary access point).



Telstra customer




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Re: Lead in connection - trenching outside of my property


This website is based on customers advising other customers.

It's not an official  customer service channel of Telstra, thus we are not Telstra staff with access to your account.

I am therefore sorry we are not in a position to provide you the authority or order number you request.

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