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Lead in connection - trenching

Hi all. 


I have had nothing but frustrating responses from Telstra regarding trenching. Unlike a lot of people on here that need a 3m trench to connect to their town house which I would dig myself by hand I live on a 5 acre block and need a trench about 80m long. I know it is my responsibility and I am more than willing to accept that. 


My problem comes from what is actually required. I need to get a trench dug and lay a conduit. SO how does the cable get put in this wonderful conduit? I hope they don't expect a draw string to be able to draw a cable 80m. 


I also have the problem of finding a local contractor that is willing (read that as knows what he is doing) to do the work. Most of them shy away from the job when thet hear the word Telstra. Also when I mention conduit they want to know whos doing that part. I have asked Telstra if they can recommend anyone in my area with almost not response and mostly a change of subject. 


Here is my question, can anyone out there recommend someone in the Broadford, Kilmore, Wallan, Seymour area that can do this sort of work (at a reasonable cost). Some one that maybe able to coordinate with Telstra to get cables laid in conduit or what ever they require (another thing I can't get out of Telstra).


Anyway I think that enough of a rant. 


Thank in advance for your help.

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Re: Lead in connection - trenching

It is not normally my first suggestion, as I think often phone calls with other teams are better, but have you tried lodging a complaint to see if someon there is able to help you out a bit more? 


You would get assigned a case manager and they might be able to put a bit more time and have access to a few more resorces when it comes to finding out what the go is and if they have any one they can suggest in the area and what the go is with the 80m length. 


I honestly thing that they might have access to the most information and considering their job is resolution may be a bit better at it...



I would try lodge online and usually it takes a couple of days for them to get back to you but the couple of times I have had to utlise it they have resolved issues for me and the people who have contacted me seems to have been very willing to try and help as best they can.


The Complaint form is here:

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Re: Lead in connection - trenching

Thanks for your response. Complaints was one of my thoughts too but it was going to be a last resort.


As far as the go with 80m, it is a 5 acre block and we are set well back from the road. 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Lead in connection - trenching

If you are being given the runaround by the consultants on the phone, my suggestion would be to get the contact details of the local regional manager. They are usually very helpful. Pop in to either your nearest Telstra Store or Telstra dealer and they should be able to put you in contact with them. They might even be listed in the local White Pages.


The other option could be to call the Planning Officer at your local council. They would usually know who the Telecommunications contractors are in the area.


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