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Lead in Connection - Trenching

I have asked TELSTRA to provide the lead in connection from the PIT to the Boundary of my house.


We are nearing compeltion of a new buid and the builder has completed the conduit from the house to the boundary.


Telstra representatives are advising me that they will not assist unless I take out an order for an additional service - they feel that I may move to another ISP so advise me that I will need to either sign up or contract a local technisican to enable the service.


I have spoken to Carol, Mark and Patrick and a couple of others - I was given a number at IGSM who required a reference number (which Telstra would not provide).


Are Telstra the only company that can provide the service?  I understand it should cost about $299 from previous posts on the website.





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Re: Lead in Connection - Trenching

Generally speaking no one will connect it until you place an order for a service, but any carrier who provides service on the Telstra network which you wish to connect with can place the order with Telstra Wholesale.

That can be an order for just a phone service or for a bundle, but all retailer providers are usually able to place the new connection order with Telstra Wholesale the same.
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Re: Lead in Connection - Trenching

In Telstra's system, to install the physical conduit, it needs to be associated with a service.


If you were to go with another ISP/carrier, you would place the order with them (for a new service) and then they'd organise for Telstra to do the work. Telstra are the only organisation that are allowed to organise the work outside of NBN activated areas.

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Re: Lead in Connection - Trenching

DrQwerty90 and Jupiter are on the money, I would add only one thing:


If the physical trenching needs to be performed, you will need to contact the Pre-Provisioning Team on 1800895319. As this is no longer work Telstra performs, you will be given the contact details of a contractor in your area who can perform that work. As has been indicated above however, an order for a connection needs to be in place, with Telstra or another provider, for any action to be taken.

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