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Merging phone socket to second phone line with the main phone line



I'm hoping someone will be able to help me. My house currently has two lines ( #1 and #2). We got #2 back in the days when you needed a separate line for dial-up, and we have just never cancelled it. The modem is connected upstairs to #2's socket for the ADSL connection. I have suggested cancelling #2 (it's only used for ADSL) and connect the modem downstairs to #1 (I am aware I would have to contact our ISP with the change of number as we would no longer have the number for #2).


Dad prefers to keep the modem upstairs so I am wondering if it's possible to get the phone socket for #2 to be connected to #1 (which means we can stop paying for the line connection for #2).






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Support Team

Re: Merging phone socket to second phone line with the main phone line

Hi KW86,


Happy to clear this up for you. So we can move your ADSL service to the line downstairs that you have mentioned however I need to clarify, do you have 2 phone numbers? If so, it would work in the same way as a relocation of the service.


In terms of changing the sockets in your house, it sounds like the house wiring will need to be changed. This can be done by an AusTel certified electrician. From there you should be able to cancel the second phone line.


Does this make sense?

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