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Moving house issues

Arranged house move and notified Telstra 3 weeks before the move. Internet & phone was disconnected at old house on Wed 27 May. Moved into new house Fri 29th. Phone plugged and and worked fine. Modem plugged in and flashes red light above WAP. Rung BigPond support. Spoke to someone in the Phillipines asking me basic questions then Held for 25 mins waiting for "tech" who asked me the very same questions. They both told me it was connected at their end. I got off the phone no better off then when I rung. Tried 3 different phone sockets. I have 2 side by side in a sunroom that are dead, no dial tone. The only one that works is a socket in kitchen that has a uniden phone already fixed to the wall. This has a box behind it hard wired into the wall. It's a Telstra box the phone plugs in, then a cable runs from in the wall into the box in plug labelled adsl then an empty socket which says other phone. I have tried plugging the modem in this box but it doesn't work. I rung Telstra back and got handed around then finally spoke to another tech who straight up informed me a tech would have to visit as we hadn't been put on the exchange?! This was 10 days after moving! He wouldn't be able to send someone out til following week. My questions are:
The previous owners had a back to base alarm system, we are not using, would this have any affect? I have been assured no. The alarm phone line is not plugged in and when I did try was dead.
Why the dead lines in the sunroom? Our phone is working, but not in those two sockets. Are they seperate lines that need a seperate connection? Is it possible these will work once Internet connected at exchange?
Why did it take many many phone calls and repeating myself to overseas techs with bad English before someone 10 days after "connection" finally told me that we were not on the exchange??? Why was this not arranged 3 weeks prior to our move when I notified Telstra to coincide with our move? Another thing I noticed when checking my account after being a Telstra customer for 3 years for all services is they have me on a 24 month contract for this move! Oh and when I did say to the tech I was sick of ringing and repeating myself and getting no support and felt like changing providers he just said would make no difference Telstra own the lines. Total monopoly. Customer service is shocking. Support is shocking and it seems Telstra do what they like when they like but are very quick to charge!

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