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Moving House. NBN. Service Gone Off - To Be Expected?



We are supposed to get our NBN service moved to a new address Monday.


But the internet went down for us this morning, suddenly whilst we were using it,  and no amount of resetting or anything else we could think of (Windows troubleshoot, etc) would bring it back.


Is that because of the move?  Are we to expect down time?


I vaguely remember (perhaps) something to that effect during our conversations with Telstra.


And we are to communicate with Telstra about this - not NBN?

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Moving House. NBN. Service Gone Off - To Be Expected?

Hi bullockornis

Telstra are definitely the people to speak with surrounding any issues with your NBN connection. Telstra's NBN team can be contacted on 1800 TFIBRE to give you a hand with any issues. 

There would be a short period of downtime during the move - and our NBN team on the above number can confirm if that's why your connection has dropped out

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