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Moving House - SR 1-2549773891324

Hi Team, We requested for moving house NBN Connection with reference number MV89983051 more than 4 weeks now and have received an SR no. as well. However, there has been no update and whenever we speak to the support, they say case manager needs to come back. We are using only mobile network to work from home which isn't manageable at all. Every-time we speak, its said, that we will contact you in 24-48 hours , however, there is no call from Telstra. Really getting frustrated with the service. The service at the old house still seems to be active as well which was ADSL. Please let us know how to escalate this or we will need to move to a new provider.

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Re: Moving House - SR 1-2549773891324

I am having a nightmare with them as well. Booked a move for the 16th and they have cut off my service and moved it to new address over 9 days early!!. I am in the middle of buying the house I am moving to and need my service to send legal documents via my home office. Sick and tired of being out in hold or told that there is nothing we can do. They seem to have answers for my children’s care, my conveyancing fees, solicitors bills etc but can’t flick a switch and turn my nbn back on. I have now got a 345000 dollar transaction for a house hanging in the balance because of these people. 

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