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Moving house with little downtime or break contract

I am going to be moving into a new house possibly by the middle of August. I contacted Telstra's so called "moving" department. Was not really happy with what I was told. Would like to ask everyone what their experience is with this.


The situation - New house so obviously everything is new. I have a conduit run to the nearest curb where the telstra box is.


1. Who will run the cable from the telstra Box to the house? How do i organise it so that it's done as quick as possible? (I see people on this forum waiting months for this.Dont want that to happen)
2. The Electrician has run a phone cable to the outside where telstra can connect their box to. What else do I have to have on the house before Telstra comes out?
3. I was told by the really awesome "moving" team that I cannot move without cancelling my existing connections and if i want parallel connections I have to cancel and pay off my existing contract and then pay for a new connection, fees etc and restart my contract. Really? Seriously? Since I'm actually moving to a new suburb its all new numbers so can I have it active before I move? Why is that not possible?


Obviously I'm on a current contract so I don't want to pay exit fees and start my contract. In fact I can't wait for it to end so that I can move it as far away from telstra as possible. They ripped me off when I moved. Got promises that I will get ADSL2+ and to this day stuck on ADSL. Took almost 2 months before they moved over my connection and all this after calling them repeatedly and "never" getting any call backs. Now I pay $110 for just ADSL and phone and no way to get out of it, unless I pay exit fees. Telstra is the worst telecom I have dealt with.


I can just see this, if I go by my experience with telstra so far, I will have to wait for months before I get even a phone at the new place when I move.

So I'm also really seriously thinking of exiting my contract. How does telstra break contracts? I have another 10 months left, is there a formula to work this one out?


If i break my contract I can actually get a cheaper deal with someone else and actually start the process of getting things connected now and have it all connected way before I move to my new place.
I need some real world experiences with this to make a decision.

Any feedback about this is really appreciated.

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Re: Moving house with little downtime or break contract

I hope the move goes well for you - if trenching work has been done and conduit is in place then the team on 1800 895 319 would be best to contact to discuss any further work that needs to be performed before a Telstra technician appointment is booked. They can also provide details of Telstra-approved contractors who can perform any further required works.

To my knowledge you should be able to move an existing connection to a new address with no break of contract, but if a change of connection type is needed (i.e. from HFC Cable to ADSL) then a new contract would be required. In this instance any break of contract fees from the current connection would be waived due to the technology type not being available.
For privacy reasons we can't request account details or other personal information via messages on these forums, but the teams on 13 22 00 or via online chat at  http://goo.gl/11oUE can advise of the current contract termination fee if you'd like to know it. 

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Re: Moving house with little downtime or break contract

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