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Moving to new build and no Telstra service available

I'm moving to my new house in landsdale WA and I have been told there's no Telstra available till they roll out the NBN which for a new estate is appalling but I have Telstra phone and broadband and Telstra foxtel in my rental property

How can I take these with me if Telstra don't provide a service there also have loads of tv programmes on my IQ box and I'm not going to give them it back as I want foxtel in my new house 

Advice please

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Re: Moving to new build and no Telstra service available

I suppose you can do a "Moving Home" request with Telstra, and go through the process of waiting for infrastructure to become available.


If you don't return your Foxtel Box on request, I think they charge you circa $400 for it, and I don't know if you need to give it back and get a new one when you move. If so, then your bum outta luck.


Furthermore, it is your decision to move, which means that, should you cancel your contract without moving, then you may be charged an Early Termination Fee for everything.




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