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Moving with Telstra: a nightmare

Ordered a move home with Telstra and my nightmare started then. Case manager advised that apparently the builder needs to call Telstra to get an ARF number from the smart community website. Builder said that in 40 years of building properties he had never heard of such a thing. Anyways I went to the smart community site but there is no link to order an ARF for single dwelling. Called up customer care but they don't even know what smart community is!
The case manager is never ever reachable. So I am stuck and wondering why I chose Telstra.

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Re: Moving with Telstra: a nightmare

It's an AFR number (Applicatin for Reticulation)


Wihtout knowing more about your development, not a lot  anyone can contribute, but all new housing developments have them.


https://www.telstra.com.au/smart-community Your developer needs to fil this in.


Blame the regulations of the government, but there are benefits.


A Developer can engage Telstra by registering an Application for Reticulation (AFR) on the Telstra Smart Community website.

New development types can be:

  • Residential subdivision(s) – 2 or more lots in a new estate development.
  • Residential building(s) – 2 or more units in a residential building, including Group Housing (e.g. townhouses or villas).
  • Commercial/Industrial building(s) – Retail, Office, Industrial or Commercial building(s).
  • Mixed Use Building(s) – Buildings that contain a mixture of Residential Building(s) and Commercial/Industrial Building(s). 



Hab=ving said that. Poor form it hasn't been explained to you and yur case manager isn't available.


Do you have a case number?



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