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I had a cable fault in my area on 2nd February 2020 with my ADSL bundle service, since then I am on backup connection and my connection restoration date been continuously moving forward and forward, I have assigned 3 case managers but no one could help me.


Later I found out I will have NBN (FTTC) available in my area from 27th March 2020, so I order NBN switch from my faulty adsl which was already taking so long, and the technician who was coming to see my adsl service was assigned to connect me to NBN and date was 1st April I have no idea about that has he connected me to nbn or not, yesterday I received my hardware but when I plugged it in the connection light is blinking red and dsl has no light.


I was on hold since yesterday around 3 times for around 2 to hours but no one answered my phone. I think Telstra has shut their customer service.


Please help me, my wife is a teacher and she has to work from home.








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