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New connection in apartment block



I've just moved into a new apartment.  I'm trying to get internet connected.  Telstra tell me the previous resident did not disconnect.


- Telstra asked for a copy of my lease - so I sent it to them

- Now they want me to go buy (or borrow)  a phone and ring them from my apartment so they can confirm the phone number in the apartment.  They say they don't know the number and are afraid they will dis-connect the wrong person.  How did they bill the previous resident if they don't know the phone number....

- I don't want to buy a phone I'll never use.  I'm new to the city and don't want to knock on a neighbours door to ask to borrow their phone as I don't know them and I think that's a bit much

- If I can't buy or borrow a phone, Telstra wants to charge me $125 to send out a technician - plus I'll have to take a day off work to sit at home and wait.

- If I'm not prepared to spend $125 and a day off work OR to buy a phone, Is my only alternative to cancel the order and use some other provider??




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Support Team
Support Team

Re: New connection in apartment block

Hi, I am sorry you are having such a hard time trying to get a connection in place. I would suggest speaking directly with our Sales Team on 13 2200 about what can be done instead. Can I confirm that you are without a homeline at present?

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