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New home phone connection - No Lead-in Cable


I've moved into my new house since 2nd September. Before moving in, I've placed an order of new home phone service with Telstra.

After 2 months of waiting and numerous phone calls, I've been told there's no lead-in cable at our house and that we need to contact ISGM contractor.

I contacted ISGM and was told that the Cable Provisioning Agreement form wasn't signed and submitted to Telstra.

I then submitted the signed form to telstra via the provided email at 

A case manager was allocated to my case as the order was put on hold.

This week I had an update from my case manager that the order was put on hold as the network team needs to decide "the most appropriate provisioning technology" for my order (what the hell does that mean?). The timeframe is unknown until there is further update from network management team. 


When I contacted Telstra via 24x7 live chat, I was directed to another team where they advised my order was put on hold because they were still waiting for the Cable provisioning agreement form from my Builder.


I then tried to contacted Telstra Smart Community but couldn't reach. 


I have to say after going through numerous phone calls I am getting mixed responses from Telstra. It's been 2 months and I received no further progress on my order and will have to wait (without timeframe) until there is further update from the network team. 


Can someone please tell me what is exactly happening with my order and what do you need from me to get your process moving??? Information regarding my order is as below:




I live within 11km from the CBD so don't tell me that I can't get ADSL2+ as this is nonsense!!!



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Re: New home phone connection - No Lead-in Cable

Hi toffee7480,


Just so you're aware CrowdSupport is a 100% public medium so it's unsafe to publish personal details. I've edited your post to remove the details you have included as these could be used to gain access to your account and a host of other fraudulent activities.


Please also be aware that while we can offer advice and assistance, CrowdSupport is largely a forum for experts and customers to share their knowledge and experience with one another. If you specifically need someone to look into an account or order with Telstra you will need to contact us via one ofour more secure methods. I.e. via Live Chat or over the phone. 


If you are in a Smart Community area speaking directly to that team is your best bet. Their number is 1800 008 994. You mentioned being unable to get through to that team previously so please be aware that the Smart Community team is not available 24x7. There open hours are as follows: 


M - F: 08:00 - 20:00 EST

SAT: 09:00 - 17:00 EST


I hope that this info helps.


Cheers, Tim 

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