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New Home Phone Line issues


Im a Electrical Contractor posting on behalf my customer who is a landlord and says there tenant is having issues with getting a phone line connected.


Basicly there is a house/unit on the one block, there looks like there was a old connection to the house at one stage in the last 10-15years.

I have recently Converted a defective Overhead power line to a underground and while i was doing the trench i threw in a lead in conduit with draw wire to save digging up the nice garden in the future if they where to require a new line.


Now the top tenant (in the house) wants  a line and a ADSL connection put on, they have spend heaps of time calling telsta etc with no luck.



-The existing Telstra Pit at the front of the house is Asbestos.

- there is a old Line + conduit that is sticking up at front of boundy that looks like its been damaged from something (in the P type conduit which is not allowed to be used anymore) the line doent move in the conduit and id say there is a tree root or something like a rock that has damaged the conduit.


Basicly, telstra need to dig a 2-3mt trench at front of property (exposing the old lead in conduit) and extent my lead in conduit, then just pull through a new cable and mount up there MDF box and fit of a line inside the house.


Main issue is the asbestos pit and the digging as no one seems keen to do it from telstra (as a pain of a job)


any advise or help to help get this new line into the house? or even something temp till telstra can sort it?


thanks James Norman



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