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New Line Installation - Issues & Timeframe

I am going through the process of getting a new phone line installed at the place I am renting which as a new build and I am the first occupant (line ordered 7 Nov 2016, its now 5 Jan 2017) and it is still not operating after 3 technician visits (and now a 4th has been booked).


Curently I have a dial-tone and can call telstra numbers (ie 13 22 03) but when I try an external number I get a recorded msg saying that the phone needs to be connected. When I call the faults line and they attempt to call me on the number but it fails and they say there is an issue and hence the 4th technician needs to come to the property to resolve.


Does this make sense - If I can make an outgoing call why would an incoming call fail? Do they really need to send someone to site or could this potentially be resolved without a site visit being required?


Normally I wouldnt mind waiting but this is the 4th technician to visit site and they cannot come to 23 Jan which makes this a 11 week line-installation process (and still no guarantee of a working service).


Is 11 weeks a typical timeframe? I only want Internet access so can I get a "competitive (i.e. reduced) mobile broadband deal until the line is installed as currently paying ~ $125 / week for mobile broadband.




- I ordered the new installation via the "moving home" registration.

- technician 1: didnt visit site but only visits exchange, job closed, line not working, and no contact from teltra.

- contacted telstra to ask what was happening, informed telstra that no dial-tone but they tell me line is active and I need to raise a residiential fault

- techniciian 2: residiential fault technician comes to site and determins no line and attempts to connect to pit but finds no lead-in cable, says contractor needs to do lead-in. says everthing is ready to be connected though and once lead-in performed line should work

- technician 3: contractor performs lead-in installation, now I have dial-tone but cannot make calls

- contact telstra re cannot make outgoing calls

- telstra says lead-in is only step 1 and now technician needs to visit to do pit/exchange install

- inform that pit/exchange technicians already visited and I can call telstra fault number

- telstra try to call my number but sayd they cant but its because installation not completed correctly.


I am confused as to why I have had all these techncians yet still no working line? And also why telstra doesnt see what work has been done already and assume I am only at step 1?


PS. I find dealing with Telstra a very frustrating proess. I appreciate the cost savings of having your call centre overseas but the inability to communicate with them effectively due to the lack of understanding of the english/australian language makes it extemely frustrating and repetative (yes they know words well enough but are easily confused). You should have australian managers accessible for more complicated scenarios that are above the standard process.

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Re: New Line Installation - Issues & Timeframe

Hi this may be the answer to your question below.


Please bear in mind i am independant and do not work for Telstra.




I really hope this answers your question.

Kudos and thanks welcomed

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Re: New Line Installation - Issues & Timeframe

Thanks for the link.


"Within 20 working days (equivalent to 1 month) after request" - unfortunately this has not been met.


Turns out that the line was operational this morning, without a visit from a technician. This indicates that the call centre really do not know what they are talking about. 


Next step was to attempt to sign-up for internet - but only to find out there are no ADSL ports available (NBN is 3 years away) and I am in an area where 300+ houses will be built within 2 years.


I am baffled as to how this level of customer service can be deemed acceptable, especially when they control the copper infrastructure across the country and NBN is years away.

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