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I have recently moved from one address to another in this great time of a pandemic. I was offered to have extra data to a mobile broadband to get me through though times. I was hesitant due to Telstra’s low data plans in comparison to the competitors. Being a loyal Telstra user I agreed to get a 24month plan of a mobile 5g device and a data plan of 50$(Instead of 60gb I would have 80gb). Few hiccups here and there but eventually got it sorted. Picked up the device from a local Telstra store. All great.


It showed 80gb on the device great! Im set. The next day it showed 60gb. Oh well probably will update soon... silly me. Few days have past still 60gb. Hmmm it will be back. Up until i got a notice that I have consumed 75% of my data I got a bit worried. I got a 7 and 4 yo. still adjusting in the new environment. We are a bit traumatised from our sudden move. Internet was one of the keys that helped with our stress. 
Alas i will contact Telstra. Easy! I tried calling but was not able to get through so decided to try chat. 3 days have gone since then. I got transferred to multiple agents and have gone through multiple repetitive security check and not just that the continuous story telling of what happened. Its just a sick cycle. I was told recently that there has been orders processed but it has not gone through because i need to go through another credit check. Orders that i haven't even agreed upon. Every different individual that i got transferred or moved seems to have a tendency to ask me to get another plan, get a new product, purchase a new phone, get another nbn connection. Why has is it gone to this? Even the welcome back Melbourne 100$ they wont even credit it to me because i have to wait for anther 60days and i have to let them know so that it can be escalated. I cant find any of that written in the actual promotion.

Its been a nightmare... instead of helping us, it has given us more stress.

Oh well I’m just customer so I am helpless, they can just bully me around until i will give up. Thanks Telstra

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