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No call back in regards to overdue move request

I requested a move on the 6th of January for the 16th of January never received a phone call to confirm within the 24 - 48 hours after the order was placed, I may have missed this call so I followed it up and was told everything was fine and the 16th was looking good and that if I had any other issues to contact again I made this call on the 13th 3 days before my move.


On the 16th nothing was done, my current house still had both internet and phone but new one had nothing (tried to contact the person that I spoke to on Monday via the email they sent me in reply to my call on Monday, no response)


Called again was told something in regards to the order was “provisioning” and could take 2 weeks from the order date which would be the 20th (now I called late in the day and they did say to call back tomorrow to talk to the move team, I stressed to this individual that I Run my business from home and no phone and internet causes issues) called back on the Friday was told nothing in regards to why it wasn't connected and that the person managing it will call me back in 24 - 48 hours.

I have yet to have that call and now I am afraid I may miss this call as the house that's meant to have my Internet and Phone has none and I have little to no reception there and to top that off I no longer have access to the house that has my internet and phone connected.


Now granted the 48 hours will be up today but its Sunday chances of getting a call unlikely and tomorrow is the 20th witch means its now 2 weeks since the order was placed am I to get connected on Monday? or what’s the story I have a business to run I have no way for people to contact me unless I am in a decent area for my mobile to get a decent signal/reception


whats my next step here?

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