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Only receiving inbound calls from Telstra.

Ever since switching my parent's landline to Telstra they have only been able to receive inbound calls from Telstra, no other carriers. They can call out ok. Their landline is through the NBN, bit they don't have the internet as they are widely and don't own a computer.

This issue has been going on for months and no one either seem to care of has a clue what they are doing in regards to getting it fixed.

This is a reference no given to us last time we contacted you about it, INT 1-1104565805933.

Telstra is charging full price for a service that is only half working.

Doubt anything will happen from putting here, but in at my wit's end trying to get it fixed and dealing with people who can't work out what the issue is.


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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Only receiving inbound calls from Telstra.

Have you tried an official complaint?

Sounds like the previous carrier didn't release the number correctly or it was setup with the redirections not be done correctly. it can happen sometimes from time to time, as annoying as it is. Typically the faults team can fix it pretty quickly and easily but since they haven't, if you have not yet I would lodge an official complaint here:

I would put in your expected resolutions that you want the fault fixed but also any expected refunds/credits, such as if you feel you are only getting half the service that they credit you half the cost of the phone for the month(s) that it has been not working correctly.
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