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Order Update? Phone contact? Anything?

Hi Guys,


I order a new NBN Broadband service on the 24/03 and all i have received is the confirmation email with the number NA50748097 which doesn't turn up in any order tracking systems. There is no one on the Telstra support chat and the phone support allows you to spend 5 mins navigating it before telling you there is one to help due to COVID19 and hanging up on you.


So please someone, anyone, reach out and provide me an update. This lack of internet connection is really making remote working pretty damn hard.

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Re: Order Update? Phone contact? Anything?

Ive got the same problem.

I ordered from Telstra Plus a tablet and i received an order confirmation straight away. The problem is the order number LYH50759778 isnt trackable. What a ridiculous system that we get order numbers that arent linked to any orders to status updated.


I understand there is a delay with COVID19 etc, but an update would be better then silence.

I dont even know if the order has been processed, picked...;. ANYTHING!!!

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Re: Order Update? Phone contact? Anything?

Thanks @Doug2232. Feels nice to get some human interaction here, even if you're not my Telstra savior.


Btw Telstra, Hello?I'm still waiting...


Seriously your service during COVID19 is just pathetic. I could point you in the direction of around 12,000 ex Qantas workers that would help you provide some type of bloody service. Unless they're waiting on a new Telstra phone or nbn service so they can work from home...

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Re: Order Update? Phone contact? Anything?


@Lé_Ratts wrote:


I've been through all their very helpful resources. Comes down to the fact that the order number they provide with the confirmation email is not actually traceable via any of their public facing systems. I need to speak to an actual person so they can tell me whats going on. To be honest, I'd rather just cancel the order and go with an ISP i can talk to, like Aussie Broadband who have call centers in Australia and have extended support hours.


Feel free to chime in at any time telstra....


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