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Port from boost to established post paid telstra

Hi all


Pls could you advise me if it is possible to port my Boost number to my current ongoing established post paid telstra number. 


I have dual Sim running on my phone boost is physical Sim and Telstra is an Esim 

Both are active and working I no longer want the boost however I have had that number for many years and wish to retain it. 

I am in contract with my Esim Telstra account I'm happy to keep it and continue paying I just don't want to loose my boost number. 








Is this possible?   


Tha K you

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Re: Port from boost to established post paid telstra

If you want to port the Boost number to Telstra, you can do that...  but it will be an ongoing Telstra plan/cost...


or you can just stay with boost...

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